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The hotel is available for bookings for stays from 1 December 2019.
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Journey back to a time of discovery

Set against Sentosa’s storied backdrop of maritime intrigue, The Barracks Hotel Sentosa was once a British artillery outpost, home to soldiers from afar. Now lovingly restored, the hotel transports world-weary wanderers to the golden age of travel, when travel was– and still is– a stylish art form, filled with marvel, romance and discovery.

From an exclusive heritage tour aboard a jeep to delightful afternoon tea, moments here are crafted with care and stamped with the hallmark of thoughtful luxury. Once the clock begins to slow down, explore every intricate layer of the island’s past; we promise you will leave with an exquisite experience to tell.

Luxury Rooms & Suites
An ode to the Old World, handsomely designed
A Timeless Experience
Enjoy, Immerse & Embrace


When every pampering touch is executed with finesse

While the starched-shirted butlers of yore are no longer, the tradition of trusted, attentive service is always at our core. Imagine personalised recommendations for your itinerary, doled out as we prepare your tea for a languorous afternoon on the veranda. All you need to do to get ready is to stretch out in an indulgent bath.


Where history unfolds in lush detail

For the intrepid and curious-minded, there is much to unravel behind this picture-perfect, sepia toned setting. Thumb through well-worn maps and leather-bound tomes on colonial forts and Singapore's enterprising pioneers. Our passionate raconteurs will be delighted to share their favourite anecdotes from the annals of the island’s history.


Believe in forever

At The Barracks Hotel Sentosa, forever feels like the first time, as cherished as that moment when she caught your gaze and as gentle as the caress of his hand on yours. We invite you to create more memories here: get sea sprayed as you charter waters where pirates once held sway, or have an outdoor movie screening under an endless sea of stars.

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